©2014 Jeremy Lai

©2014 Jeremy Lai

Ellipsis, n.
The omission from speech or writing of a word or words that are superfluous or able to be understood from contextual clues
— oxforddictionaries.com

"Vocal rest" he said.

Two weeks of cancelled plans and an artist learns when she is quiet.  Oh yes, she learns.

It wasn't until eyes caught the ellipsis at the end of the page.  An indication. 

The . . . that signaled to fill in what was already obvious.

If an artist is caught in a physical war with a virus the ellipsis can only mean one thing, right?

"And now I must wait and rest." 

Two weeks of tried silence has brought awareness to intention that was not there before.  Two weeks of facing "What next?" and "Now what?".

Could two weeks be enough to bring a singing voice back to where it should be for the six weeks of musical rehearsal?

And 'Spring Awakening' may just be the name of the musical, but it also is the metaphorical title for all these emerging artists.

. . . 

The drop of words and obvious meaning.

Dot Dot Dot.

A dot for every thought

A thought for every dot.

What does the ellipsis mean?

. . .

For this storyteller, ellipsis is a gift.

An ellipsis, an indication one needs to stop and put to words what seems superfluous to say.  

It was a time for her to look at those three dots and figure out what they meant.

1) I am at the end of training, now I have to re-center with my vision

2) I need to face the fear, again, of being my own business, cheerleader, and success story

3) I want more now, then I did then.

Ellipsis,  words needed to be written down and said aloud.  

Words that can change your intention.

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