©2014 Jeremy Lai

©2014 Jeremy Lai

Period, n.
1. Period noun a length or portion of time.
2. A punctuation mark (.) used at the end of a sentence or an abbreviation.

Typically, a period indicates an end.  Writers use a period, to indicate that the thought former to it has ended and a new one is about to begin.

And this writer is coming up towards a period.  Eight months of theatre training is culminating in an end piece Musical performance called Spring Awakening in Halifaxs' Downtown core Neptune Theatre.  

As an artist approaches the end of a project no matter how long it can seem daunting.

And then what?

So many options after this, and coming into a sense of direction for work is nerve wracking.

But there it is, that period approaching and what is most important at an ending is that we can look back, wrap up and come to terms with the journey.

Many people put . periods where they shouldn't be.  They are mid monologue and out of fear . there it is, a stop . a hesitation and regret . of what? 

I have watched many artists stop mid project / idea out of fear of what it might mean for their growth.  Many talk grand things, and yet they never follow through on their dreams.

For some, the idea of the dream is all they need, but what happens when the dream has been . stopped too. early?

It is stilted. Wrecked. Stuttered. And the dream spews from the pours trying to get out.  One should never stilt a dream.

After living in denial of what I wanted out of life, I realized I had put periods where they didn't belong, and also forgot to put them where they should have been.

We drop periods like unwanted receipts and they fall out of our pockets over-flowing as if we were in denial of how much we truly were spending.  How many periods we were forgetting and overspending.

Our eyes need to be attune to the places, circumstances and people we need to put a period next to, and, those things in which we have put a period out of fear and not out of necessity. 

eriods aren't just for writers.  

They are a life thing.


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