©2014 Jeremy Lai

©2014 Jeremy Lai

renew |riˈn(y)o͞o|
verb [ with obj. ]
resume (an activity) after an interruption
give fresh life or strength to.
— New Oxford American Dictionary

"Go through your scripts and highlight every time a 'season' is referenced."  He said from his place behind the piano.  This musical director means what he says.  His appearance, though always relaxed, holds a specificity to it, that draws one in.  He is relaxed enough, but because he knows exactly where he has to be with every note.  

It was this that triggered thoughts on the word of the week.

Spring Awakening may just be a musical to take stage in less than a month, but it is becoming a title that means more than just teenage awareness.

Seasons are apparent in the city of Halifax.  Our Summers are glorious and full of cars rushing to the coast to catch a wave or spot on a sandy beach.  Autumns are crisp and crunchy with starbucks coffee in hand as people walk in and out of places to be.  Winters are (like with any east coast weather) unpredictable and windy.  Snow falls and turns to slush, and trees are barren.


Spring in Halifax, is an awakening of life.  Suddenly, outdoor resturaunt patios are being put into place, the faces of people along the streets are no longer hidden by hoods and scarves, and doors are open for the fresh air to flow through.

As a creative, I need fresh air.  So frustrated I was one night with my rolling thoughts keeping me awake, that I rushed to the windows (which had a plastic insulation shrink wrap over them to conserve on energy) ripping them down I shoved the window open to take in the cold, but dewey air of winter turning spring.

And this is what it means to give fresh life or strength to.  We need that air to rush through our lungs to even think better.

I need to breathe without being restricted, held, suffocated.

Our perspective on life can be suffocating.


Allowing money, timelines, status, plans to be the reason for anything...

It suffocates the life-breath.

Creatives may speak about this more, but even those who don't take on the label need to breathe.

"The fear of what is next is just your bodies way of asking "What is next?".  It is a way for your body to see 'what are  the things that are important for you in the next part of your journey?'"  - Danielle Doiron (Halifax, Actor & Friend)

And this I breathe with.  I see the renewing with the opening of windows. 


I highlight the seasons of life in script and in my walk through this journey...