My morning routine makes me feel prepared for the day.
I feel well rested when I wake up.
I do at least one thing a day that brings me joy.
I am taking time to connect with people that matter to me.
I contribute to a positive atmosphere in my workplace.
I am creating something, anything.
reassess |ˌrēəˈses|
verb [ with obj. ]
consider or assess again, esp. while paying attention to new or different factors
— New Oxford American Dictionary

Spring 2014 is well underway and so is the pre production process for the Spring Awakening Musical in Halifax.  Sinking into this process of how musicals are produced is awakening in and of itself. 

First off, one must already come into the studio space, body and voice ready.  This means, yawns, stiffness and chit chat have no place inside.  Not only am I getting up earlier, I am making sure my breakfast is healthy, my morning yoga done, morning pages (The Artists Way by Julia Cameron), voice warm ups, and rehearsal clothes and appearance are all ready to go.  Between the bed, shower, kitchen, car, theatre hallway these things occur in less than two hours.

It made me reassess how my morning routine was being carried out in the winter and how I needed to change it for the betterment of my expierence. 

Reassessing is not just important but nessasary to starting a new season.

All people have schedules, routines and chores, but how do we know that they are working for us?  Most of us do not know unless we take the time to take a step back and see how things could be different.

When I reassessed I realized I was rushing. 

For me, taking the time to light a candle, eat breakfast and share a reading from a book is how I have decided to change the 'rush-rush' out the door every morning.  It does no one good to be rushing.

Reassessing means to find the gem you may have been missing.

What is the gem you were missing last season?

How can you bring it into Spring 2014?

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