relish |ˈreliSH|
great enjoyment ... liking for or pleasurable anticipation of something
— New Oxford American Dictionary


 noun \ˈre-lish\

: enjoyment of or delight in something


Working with a director is a privedlge and one can never be sure how a director directs.  This journey into Spring Awakening has been an inspiring and extremely riveting one.  He is a director who wants work "to breathe" and take on a life of its own.  He gives room for skill to be flexed and glittered.

On the last session of 'notes' that he gave, he said something that caught in the air and then slowly drifted down, resting on us all as our tired bodies sunk into the seats and imagined what opening night would be.

His words went something like this:

"I would do yourself a favour now and not do anything else but this (Spring Awakening shows) until it is done.  As a student, I always religiously took off show times so I could relish in the expierence and everything it entails."

I was enraptured.

Yes, I would most definitely do nothing but relish in this expierence, and that is what being in the midst of art means.

To enjoy, 

To delight in

To relish.

Call it what you will: art, creativity,

Life as a whole...

Let us relish in the experience of every art piece we see, do, experience and have.

Life is art


Art is life

That means every moment is to be relished.

Amy LaiComment