Striving, Not Starving.

©2014 Jeremy Lai

It is curious that the Renissance movement spanned the 14th to 17th Century and yet the origin of the "The Starving Artist" came from the 18th - 19th centuries.  

Why has our culture embraced this belief?  That to pursue the arts is to pursue poverty?

The trades, the academics, the athletics, and the arts.  Why cannot they exist together in possible lifestyles and work to pursue?

All of these things are what make our society move, breathe and evolve.  Without one we are unbalanced.

Why do graduated artists from various art forms decide to stick to a nine to five when their heart beats for something else?  Why do so many say " it's a nice hobby" when a writer says they are going to write?

One hears: 

"How will you pay for bills if something goes wrong?" 

"At least you can always go back to the other career if this doesn't work out." 

"It's a nice thing to do on the side."

All of these things stem from the belief that to pursue art means to pursue a lack of provision.

In the Renaissance, artists were as nesseccary as tradesmen.  They studied and lived the same. They were respected as a person who is pursing a higher calling.  They were hired and used within the community.  They were not always successful or wealthily, but they pursued their work, without the stigma of 'poor'.  They pursued their passion without the belief that it was 'a cute hobby on the side.'

Yes, I have less money now as a storyteller than when I worked as an Interpreter.  It is also true that I am happier now than I was then.  There is a moment of walking into your passions and you realize that provision for work and living happens as you walk in faith.  

I am striving to find the stories that need telling and I will tell them with a passion that surpasses anything I did before.

This striving, has led me to taste the luxiourious real-tastes of a dinner shared with others while truly being present.  This striving has led me to the true enjoyment of the ability to study and learn when the funds are provided.  This striving to live and tell the truth has fulfilled me with a whole new outlook and it this that has fills my pockets.  

Somehow when you strive for more than 'satisfied' you end up with an overflowing.  Tight moments become moments of adventure, and when you see provision you know that you are truly pursuing that higher calling on your life.

So just a note.

I have not starved yet.  In fact, I eat more.

I am striving, in fact, I may have more passion now than ever before.

I am thriving.



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