Master and Apprentice

©2014 Jeremy Lai

©2014 Jeremy Lai

A renissance tradition that now influences the field in the study of any art.  

mentor |ˈmenˌtôr, -tər|
an experienced and trusted adviser
an experienced person in a company, college, or school who trains and counsels new employees or students.
— New Oxford American Dictionary
mentee |menˈtē|
a person who is advised, trained, or counseled by a mentor.
— New Oxford American Dictionary

During the time of Renaissance, a young boy at the age of twelve would begin helping the "Master Artist" at his workshop, work along side him, slowly learning over the years the art and eventually, move on from there to become an artist on his own.

Now, we have girls and boys all capable of learning their art by attending classes and through the education system.  Unfortunately, it is those who are in privileged families who can afford the classes, and those in the few schools who have strong artistic classes that benefit.  Even then, the arts span past the famous writing and painting.  School children do not have every art form under their finger tips, as art has grown more widespread and diverse over the centuries. 

We can agree:

In all fields of work and study it is important to be mentored.  To connect with another who is more skilled/learned/experienced, but also encouraging and wants to see growth into independence and success. 

A real Master

A real Mentor

Is someone who is ageless.  They do not see age or experience, but potential in another.  They do not see limitations or doubts but opportunities and hope.  They are someone who teaches by how they live.  They teach without teaching.  They are those that sit down and cultivate and create rather than ponder, obsess and stew.  

A real Apprentice

A real Mentee

Is someone who seeks wisdom.  They do not get caught up in their unworthiness but that they are worthy enough to receive.  They do not judge quickly, but spend time weighing out advice, methods, and experiences.  They are answer seekers everyday they live.  They learn by asking and listening, listening and weighing.  They are those that sit down and ask, soak and do rather then talk, yell and obsess.

I want to be that Mentee.  I want to be that Mentor.

Shouldn't we all be Mentored, and be mentoring?

I believe we need to seek out those with their hands raised, the answer-seekers and start meeting their needs.  We need to each take responsibility for who we can mentor.

And similarily.

We need to be raising our hands and seeking answers.  We need to be open and ready to recieve when a mentor comes our way.  We need to cultivate communication that we are not above being taught. 

This is the renaissance way, and in 2014, we can do one better.  Men and women, boys and girls of all ages can and should be in the mentoring process of whatever art form / field they are in. 

I am raising my hand.  Do you see me?

I am looking for you.


"I facilitate thinking, I engage minds, I listen to questions, I encourage risk, I support struggle, I cultivate dreams, I learn everyday I teach." - Unknown. 


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