March 2015

The delays of updates have been vastly due to an amazing amount of life happening on this side of the screen.  

One would think with the almost birth of our first child that life would slow down for the Creatives?  

Not so.

When is that ever so?

We had a hiatus in February due to scheduling conflicts but reconvened very happily in the month of March.

We sat around a table and ate and ate, and while we ate, we discussed the weight of things.  

There was a deep winter longing that was within our spirits that only a snow covered East Coast winter brings.  A readiness for spring, yet the long winter had not yet passed.


Yet as we shared I had the sense that the food we consumed was not as nourishing as the words being shared.  That is what I fell asleep to that night once the candles had been blown out, the crayons back in the box and all the crumbs swept up.


Sharing our journeys is more important than our desire to stand out.  We share to relate and find the sameness and that is what creates our ability to be unique.  It is our connectedness that makes us so different.

So we connect to be different.

And are different, so we connect.