In the Process


It's a waiting game.

Waiting for a new life to arrive.

The questions are endless.


"Is she here yet?"

"How are you feeling?"

"Have you thought about intervention methods yet?"

"Any sign of labour?"

All of these questions are a distraction.

A distraction of the real story.

The real story: is the life that was created for the exact time and moment it arrives.  The real story isn't in the mamas control, it is in hands that are bigger and stronger than hers.  The real story is a story about relinquishing the right of control.  It is the lesson of mama hood.  Given a gift to carry and entrusted to care for, yet in no way is this gift in the mamas full control.  

And words of the Bethel  Music Song Shepherd "In the process, in the waiting...Your making melodies over me." has become an anthem as the days tick by and the questions build.

So I turn off from the questions and I am resting in the process.

And shouldn't we all do that?

Shouldn't we attempt this present life of the moment we are in? 

When we attempt wellness we need to attempt the deep breathing of bringing our real life forward.

Deep breaths like a birthing mama, and deep breaths like we inhale after coming up from the deep water. 

In the process I am reaching to rest in the presence of what is bigger than me.