April 2015

We met early in this month to accommodate the due date of a mini creative who managed to arrive three days into May.

For the pregnant mama in me, I must say we had a feast and as always as we feasted we talked the night away.

We had a chance to catch up with a few who hadn't been able to make it the months prior and found out that our visual artists have been finding their post graduate sea legs and discovering the everyday dedication of their practice.

It is so thrilling to see them in art shows in Halifax and know that their hard work is paying off.

Making the decision to make art that inspires you over what would make an easy dollar is a challenge in integrity.

We have to applaud ourselves for pursuing the depth in ourselves and the attempt at producing it .

We were left with the inspiration to continue pursuing what is our depths.

And left with the warmth of the women who fill the room every month with thoughts, concerns, updates and nerves of the artist.

May we always embrace the nerves.

They keep us solid and real.