Wellness Wednesday: Find the Hurts

In all aspects of our lives we have the opportunities to collect moments of heaven and moments of hurt. 

We can gather wounds that we don't even notice until the bruise begins to grow and the welt begins to show.  It's just the way it is with life.  It's not that we try to be wounded soldiers with our pasts lurking like shadows, it's just that we are alive and real, and real means that we expierence the light with the dark.

If we can admit we are wounded in different places than why can't we find a way to look at them and reflect on them?  Not to dwell or soak in them like they are wine to drink but to take them into our eyeline instead of our blindspot.

The thing about wounds is they often seep out on others when we can't even see it.

So I am calling out: for this day of wellness to find your hurts.

Those relationships that damaged you, or are festering with negative thoughts.  Write out their names.  Identify why you feel that wound and let it be a meditation of healing as you go about your day.   Don't dwell in the bad, but dwell in the healing process.  How can healing begin?  Is the hurt something that you can work through yourself? Is the hurt a hurt that should be addressed?

Only you and the life-giver, the One who heals all hearts can tell you what to do with a hurt.

But ultimately, we are called to give our hurts and wounds over and let the power of love and grace to reside.  

Finding the hurts isn't a scavenger hunt for mud, but a search for that which will bring healing.

So list it.

Make a list.



  1. Being misunderstood by John Smith (planning the performance)
  2. Feeling left behind (friends succeeding past me)
  3. Realizing I wasn't encouraged as a child (sports, etc)

Once you've listed it.  Find the freedom in identifying the bruises you carry.


THEY ARE NOT bragging rights! THEY ARE NOT medals to live for. 

They are worth healing from.

Healing comes when we've given them up.  Given them over.

Giving our hurts over to a higher power allows us to be free from the weight the ugliness of their colour and the pain.  

It's a process.

Don't rush it.

Just start it.