Wellness Wednesday - Pools

wellnessWednesday Pools

Emotional & Spiritual Wellness

Sometimes it feels like we are in the quiet. The no nothing movement of life.  Everyone is rushing by us.  Swimming upstream and gaining momentum, and we, are stuck in a pool where everything is still and unmoving.  

But is it?

That is where the growing begins.  Tadpoles and baby fish are born here.  They start their lives in the quiet of the water.

And somehow, in some miraculous move of life, they are shoved back out into the rushing torrent of a stream.

This is what a friend relayed to me and this is how life can be.

Pools are the unmoving of soon to be miracles.

We love the rush and thriving of a busy thrumming exciting life.

It will come.

It will go.

There will always be pools.

And rapids.