Top 5 Reasons Why We Buy Fresh


Our little family made some changes right before Zoë was born.  We looked at our fridge and our finances and decided that it was time we focused on 'the fresh'.  Don't get us wrong, we had always focused on a certain element of healthy eating, but this was different.  This was a commitment to learning about fresh food and our body chemistry in tandem.  

Knowledge, as they say, is power.

1) Fresh fruits and vegetables is natures natural way to support your immune, digestive system and overall body chemistry.  

There is a deep science to how our bodies take in the food we eat.  Wether we eat (chemically) processed or unprocessed foods our body will reap the benefits/negatives. The boost received from fresh food encourages health and weight loss. 

2) Supporting local farms is one of the best gifts you can give to your community/citys' economy.  

Farmers and other crop growers are in constant competition with imported goods.  Buying what is fresh and in season in your area will not only be good for your lifestyle, but will benefit the community as a whole.

3) Eating fresh means buying in season.  

Even if not all the in season fruits and vegetables are our favourite, it really forces us to find creative ways to prepare, eat and enjoy those foods.

4) Consuming fresh fruits and vegetables encourages a lifestyle of 'full nutritious calories'. 

Fruits and Vegetables are high in calories but in all the right ways.  Eating fresh helps us avoid the 'empty calories' that other foods would provide.

5) It's pretty.  

Let's be honest.  For all those instagrammers, there is nothing more stunning than photos of fresh food.  Who knows exactly why, but eating fresh sure makes documenting mealtime more enjoyable!  ;)

Amy LaiComment