How I Use Pinterest as a Tool


I can't talk enough about Pinterest.  It is my favourite form of inspiration.  It was years ago that I found Pinterest.  My best friend had told me about it and said that she was sure I would appreciate the site.  It took me a few weeks but eventually I looked it up and of course it wouldn't let me in.  At that time Pinterest was "elite" and you needed a friends referral.

"How are you not on Pinterest already?" my friend asked.

Half annoyed at her impatience I explained how I needed a referral.  She imediatly went in and requested me through email.

That is when I finally officially discovered pinterest.  Back then it was not as populated, used or known as it is today but there was also a mystery to it's wonder then.  Everything was like a shiny new magazine.  In that moment I abandoned my old scrapbooking ways and immediately switched to online pin boards that brought even more vision to my thoughts and concepts. 

Countless times I have had conversations with people and they have said it distracts them from doing what they want to be doing.  It overwhelms them with the amount of images and content, and it intimidates them.

With Pinterest it is all in how you use it.

Here is how I use Pinterest as a tool for living:

1) I streamline my content feed to my own preferences and interests.  

I go through all of the boards and Pinners I follow on a routine basis and make sure the only images that show up on my feed are exactly what I want to see.  With Pinterest, less can be more.  Now, Pinterest will also streamline for you, but the more streamline you are, the better your feed will be. 

2) My Boards are organized in a way that makes sense to me.  

For me it is : Amys Boards, Her Boards, She's Boards , Months, & lastly Shared Boards.  How you organize your boards are up to you, but I do suggest finding a method that works best for searching.  Alphabetical or order of importance are options. 

3) Use the 'like' button as a holding place for pins you are not sure about.  

Often times I will see a pin that says '5 ways to do ___' and I am not sure if I really want to pin it to a board so I 'like' it, check back in with it and it's link later before I pin it or unlike it. 

4) Find a routine that works for you.  

I have a few action items I do weekly through pinterest.  These are :  Food, D.I.Y./Activity, Monthly/Seasonal, Mama/Baby Activity.  Every week I pick a recipe I want to try, a new project I want to attempt or research, an activity to enjoy the season/month I am in, and one new activity to do with my daughter.  I do this because I never want pinterest to be full of "One days."  I want to stay active in trying new things and being inspired. 

5) Use Pinterest as an active vision board.  


Making vision boards is not a new thing.  For years the concept of scrapbooking, collecting, cutting and pasting has kept people inspired and interested in living.  My great grandmother had millions of articles, pictures and inspirational snippets cut out.   Use the concept that has been passed down to us to create an active inspirational spring board.  I have recently taken my favourite pins for envisioning 2016 and put them in a free online collage maker.  I know what the pictures mean and inspire in me but to someone else they may be different.

6) Have fun!  

Pinterest is not supposed to insite pressure or create new moms to feel scared of their childs first birthday party.  Making a full life is about using the tools around you to be happier and inspired.


Amy LaiComment