Good Morning Monday 10/10/16


9:55am | Toddler Upstairs banging around

Happy Thanksgiving.

The colours on the trees through the windows are turning.  Bright yellow, orange & glints of fiery red.  Rain is coming down and the piano that was just played seems satisfied to be standing at windows that displays such elegance.  

I can't blame her really.  She looks just as elegant amidst the leaves.

Words are said that cut down our brilliance.  Needless, ignorant words.  Words by those who question and yet have not truly wanted to know.  Words that are said out of the silly need to say something.  

I want to reign in all that cutting down and questioning.

This Week:

MIND: Let the words of my mouth and hands (writing/texting) with others be honest rather than calculating and deep rather than surfacey.

BODY: Research jeans replacement & be patient for sales.

SOUL:  Enjoy & count the blessings that surround.