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Good Morning Monday 11/28/16

10:16am | Yoga finished | Coffee Poured 

Wrapping things up.  Personal life is taking the front seat.  Christmas eventing and friends wedding events taking the spare time.  Toddler has the rest.  

For a month I'll break here.  I'll reluctantly submit to needing to re-evaluate and focus on a few other more important things.

Present for the season, present for events.

& I'll listen.  Listen for where I should focus next.  

Isn't December a wonderful time to listen...



Good Morning Monday 11/21/16

12:35pm | Lunch finished. | Toddler occupied for a moment...


We all have them.  Just because they are quiet does not mean they are not there.  They are always with us.  For a toddler, they are the first thing present in any given situation.  

This can be taxing.  Living life with emotions front and centre most every moment.  At the same time, it can be very enlightening.  What kind of freedom in the self does it take to say: 'This is me, in this moment, right now.  This is everything I feel on the inside and I want it out.'

Society calls this 'weak', 'frustrating', 'control yourself'.  

Toddlers call it 'communication', 'self-expression' , 'learning'.

How do I remain strong in my emotions while weathering the storm of another?

Know oneself.  Do not be ashamed of the needing to unload, look at everything and wail.

Find places that are safe to wail and be relieved.

This Week:

MIND: Take mental/emotional breaks from the dailies once a day. (zone out at least once)

BODY: Savour meals at the table. 

SOUL:  Enjoy decorating for Christmas.


Good Morning Monday | 11/14/16

10:24am | Toddler with play dough

Wake up.  Smoothie.  Yoga.  Podcast.  Get dressed.  Lipstick.  Gather hair, & twist into bun.

It's Monday Bunday & The New Year itch.  

That space between Thanksgiving and Christmas where events happen and yet truly, the main thought is 

"It's time to make new again.  Time to find my wings in the back of this years closet and put them on again."

Or maybe it's that idea that what is new is better than what is old?

Either way, new with purpose gives way to something undiscovered.

It's time to put hair in a bun and let the dreams come alive.

This Week:

MIND: Begin decluttering not just physical but also mental space for the new year,

BODY : Enjoy the various dance events this week & let loose.

SOUL: Take note of what feeds the spirit.


Good Morning Monday 11/7/16

12:45pm | Toddler cozy on couch, blanket overtop

Started the week off with a bang.  An impromptu date Sunday Night and a visit out with a longtime family friend Monday morning.  We are home now.  Almost nap/rest time.

Seasons.  We are always in one type of season or another.  Busy, quiet, surrounded or lonely.  The point of seasons is to learn, grow, gain and deepen in life.  

Let life be as quiet or as surrounded as it needs to be.

I am enjoying more cups with others.  A season of seeking relationships.  Seeking the right people.  

Enjoy your cups with those who deepen you in places of grace, love and inspiration.

This Week

MIND:  Enjoy Christmas songs in piano practice.

BODY: Enjoy Autumn walks as a family.

SOUL:  Enjoy friendships


Good Morning Monday 10/31/16

10:02am | Tea brewed | Toddler playing with play dough

When you are a mama, you must multi-task to a certain degree.  It's just a way of life.  Some adapt to it well, others struggle more.  Either way, we all do this thing called life.

I love the process of embracing my unique life.  Of course, there are circumstances that have arisen, choices I have made that have carved this life into being in more complex ways.  It is the unique carving that has made us whole.

So I guess it being October thirty-first,  Halloween, that makes this resonate.

Every pumpkin is carved different.  By it's designer, it's maker.

This Week:

MIND: Take the opportunities to practice and create.
BODY: Maintain balance in meals
SOUL: Find heavenly enjoyment in the quiet moments of the day.

Good Morning Monday 10/24/16

11:17am | Sun streaming through windows...

Stumbled upon over the weekend. An enjoyable share with family & friends. for it's insight and accuracy.


This is the result I received, and admittedly, very spot on.  Strengths and weaknesses included.

Interpreter training along with theatre training has allowed me the opportunities for self-reflection & continual growth in self-awareness.

Nineteen-year-old Amy said things like:

"This is just the way I am.  I can't be any different.  I am what I am."

"I am loyal, I love hard and I give of myself to anyone who gives to me."

Twenty-seven-year-old Amy says things like:

"I know why I am the way I am and I choose to work past that which doesn't serve me."

"I value authentic relationships and let go of those that don't reciprocate in a healthy and constructive way."

What will 'thirty-five-year-old' Amy say?

Being reminded of my personality and tendencies has reminded me of how far I have come, how I want to continue to grow and develop my strengths and weaknesses and maintain awareness of how I interact with others and my world.

This Week

MIND: Focus on one activity at a time.  Truly giving each the attention it deserves.
BODY: Dress according to activities & to please oneself.
SOUL: Prepare heart and spirit for co-leading worship at church.

Good Morning Monday 10/17/16

11:21am | Toys scattered

Sometimes, it takes a cloudy hearted weekend to create a clearer week.

Lay it all out.   All that raw and real. 

Intentions become clearer, goals become stronger and ideas become brighter.

I guess Autumn has a way of making me want to travel into all that history & shedding worries to make way for a new year.

This Week:

MIND: Maintain work hours.

BODY: Sit down for meals rather than eating standing up.

SOUL: Enjoy music.


Good Morning Monday 10/10/16

9:55am | Toddler Upstairs banging around

Happy Thanksgiving.

The colours on the trees through the windows are turning.  Bright yellow, orange & glints of fiery red.  Rain is coming down and the piano that was just played seems satisfied to be standing at windows that displays such elegance.  

I can't blame her really.  She looks just as elegant amidst the leaves.

Words are said that cut down our brilliance.  Needless, ignorant words.  Words by those who question and yet have not truly wanted to know.  Words that are said out of the silly need to say something.  

I want to reign in all that cutting down and questioning.

This Week:

MIND: Let the words of my mouth and hands (writing/texting) with others be honest rather than calculating and deep rather than surfacey.

BODY: Research jeans replacement & be patient for sales.

SOUL:  Enjoy & count the blessings that surround.  

Good Morning Monday 10/3/16

10:12am | Coffee | 'Women of the Hour with Lena Dunham' on pause

Crawling into bed last night way too late...Best friends wedding over.  The setting up for another busy week, the attempt at unwinding done terribly.  

Get in the car before 7am.  Go to toddler at Grandmas and give her breastmilk.  Cuddle.  Come back home without her, follow through with Yoga, get a few minutes, the piano tuner.


Everything has a price.  To tune or not to tune.

This Week:

MIND: Challenge current and future projects with questions.  Explore possible answers.

BODY:  Water detox.  

SOUL:  Tune in.  

Now?  More coffee , and tuning back into other parts of life this week.


Good Morning Monday 9/26/16

10:57am | Mango Tea steaming | Downton Abbey Season 1. Ep.5 on pause

Hurriedly tracking expenses, moments, and which TV shows to follow...a 'catch-the-leaves-before-they-fall' type of hurry.

There I go again.

To honour my busy I must honour my rest.

This I type while moving the tea & episode aside, but then it's the tea and potential of an episode that speed up my inspiration. 

For the new week:

Mind:  Mindful TV episodes & Book reading as a routine enjoyment.  Avoid Binging. 

Body: Avoid food FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).  For there is always more chocolate.

Soul: Allow for a few minutes of 'morning journal' reflection.

Sip the tea, enjoy the meals as they are & let creativity do it's work in us.


Good Morning Monday 9/19/16

11:29am | Toddler waking from morning nap | Coffee mug drained

Good Morning Monday...

A little segment in a tiny corner of this world.  Shall this be a short video? A quick morning sticky note?  An audio for a morning drive?  

Truth?  I am not sure how to package these.

For now?  A list.

  1. Enjoy the end of Summer sounds of rain.
  2. Think outside the box.
  3. Attend this weeks meetings & events with mindfulness
  4. Put the word 'mindful' in front of every activity.  
  5. Begin packing away Summer.  

Cheers to the last few days of Summer and a week that might surprise you.

Good Morning Monday | 07/18/16

It's hard to wake my eyes when I know a busy week is ahead with decisions to be made, emails to answer and ultimately, fear to be faced.

Facing fear seems so cinematically dramatic.  Yet, it's true.  It's not gangster rap rolled up into a fight scene.  What it is, is that simple circumstance that has itself wrapped up in a simple, yet complex knot.  

I look at the decision I am about to make and I know I am going to make it to better myself, my work and to truly challenge the safety net that I have created.

What separates the fearful from the brave is that knowledge that being 'Bilbo Baggins' isn't working anymore, and it's time to 'go on an adventure'.


I do the everyday dailys like a boss.  Truly, I've got this wellness thing down, but what I will never have down is that push. I always do it with my eyes closed and hands in front of me thinking

"WHAT THE **** AM I DOING?"  I am thinking this now, but it's for the best.  It's for the good.

It's for the growth.

*clinking coffee mugs*