Good Morning Monday 10/3/16


10:12am | Coffee | 'Women of the Hour with Lena Dunham' on pause

Crawling into bed last night way too late...Best friends wedding over.  The setting up for another busy week, the attempt at unwinding done terribly.  

Get in the car before 7am.  Go to toddler at Grandmas and give her breastmilk.  Cuddle.  Come back home without her, follow through with Yoga, get a few minutes, the piano tuner.


Everything has a price.  To tune or not to tune.

This Week:

MIND: Challenge current and future projects with questions.  Explore possible answers.

BODY:  Water detox.  

SOUL:  Tune in.  

Now?  More coffee , and tuning back into other parts of life this week.