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Channing Lai is my husbands cousin.  I have met her only once in person and have adored following her spirit and growing energy for life via social media.   

How would you describe yourself?

Fairly easy going person that loves to travel, experience outdoors, and live life to the fullest. The saying of “you only live once” is way too overused, but I really believe that life is too short, and the Earth is too beautiful to not try to experience it to the fullest.

What role does rock climbing play in your life?

Probably a bigger part of it than I would like to admit. Actually, I was pretty inactive and unfit before I found rock climbing. Rock climbing has led me to be much more outgoing (climbing a great way to meet people), outdoorsy and its a great way to combine it with my love of travelling. Also, it is an activity that me and my husband do together so it’s a good bonding time.

What are you currently working on/aiming/preparing for?

Enjoying life. It has been good to me, I plan on living it to the fullest while I am still able to.

What was the last book/movie that left an impression on you?

Channing Lai

Channing Lai

I recently finished “A strangeness in my mind” by Orhan Pamuk , and it narrates a traditional Turkish yogurt street seller life as he struggles to maintain a small business selling traditional food through the modernisation and changing tastes of Turkey. This book really brings home the pace of modernisation; every time I travel to China, I am shocked at the changes that has occurred since my last visit and saddened by the loss of traditionalism and rural life. But one cannot lament too much on the loss of the traditional way of life, as modernisation must no doubt be more comfortable, life must move forward, and we humans must adapt or lose out on the game of life. (So don’t wait until tomorrow to travel and see the world, because who knows if it will be there in 10 years!)

What advice would you give to other outdoor/creatively driven people?

Don’t be afraid to try new things. Even if you end up not enjoying it, at least you have tried it. And it you do enjoy it, then it is all the better.

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