Spring 2016


The air is different and the sun is warmer.  There is a quickening in the beat of my heart that happens this time of year.  It's a knowing that around the bend there will be something that will take my breath away.  

Spring does this to me.  I get all frisky, jittery, hyper, feverish and completely strung out for living.

So I'll let you in on a few things that are making me mad for life.  

1.  A Deadline.

There is a rush of adrenaline that comes when a deadline is nipping at your heels.  Will it devour me before I reach the finish line? or maybe if I just push a bit further I might just make it.  And the thrill of knowing that the deadline is nipping at my heels only because I choose it to be.  Maybe I'll let it pass...maybe I won't.  Only it and I know how this story ends. 

2.  A Podcast.

There has been a burning happening in the depths of mine and another womans heart.  We have been seriously digging in all the rubble of life, art and love and carefully planning a podcast.  The launch date is still unknown, but we have been tending to this gem carefully and making sure we collaborate in ways that brings quality.  This has me on my tippy toes and near tears of joy.


3.  All the ladies.

I love women.  I am a complete feminist and love it when a woman rises strong amidst the rubble.  We were made to be strong warriors.  It's not a mistake that we are tasked with bringing forth new life.  Men are not built for that kind of stamina.  I have women who filter in and out of my everyday life who are beacons of warriors in heels, in shoes made for men, in  barefeet and in old socks.  I love their bodies, their minds and the way our laughter rings out in the night air.

And Spring days have a way of unfolding like a flower... here are a few I am all ants in my pants about:

1. Zoës first birthday.

Her first year of life has been a roller coaster of growth, change and events for all of us.  Celebrating this little golden arrows first birthday takes my breath away at the thought.

2. Mama & Zoës first road trip.

While Daddys away the girls will play.  We are making the most of the time alone together while Daddy is away this season and have planned many adventures to keep us loving and living life to the fullest.  

3. Les Miserables - A Choir Fundraiser

I joined a spectacular ensemble at Bedford Baptist to raise money for Syrian Refugees.  After almost two years off the 'theatrical' stage this thrills me to no end.  I leave rehearsals with goosebumps every time and cannot wait to spend a day performing these beautiful songs.