The Sparkler Affect

sparkler |ˈspärk(ə)lər| noun1 a thing that sparkles, in particular:• a handheld firework that emits sparks.• informal a gemstone, especially a diamond.• informal a sparkling wine.2 a nozzle attached to the spout on a beer pump to give the beer a frothy head.


I am fascinated by the spirits who sparkle, by the spirits who could sparkle, by the brilliance of moments that deserve to be honoured with a toast, by the dazzle of a soul who has overcome, by the mundane of the everyday becoming the shimmer of the usual.  

These are moments and people who deserve to be honoured for their rarity. 

I want to celebrate the good and the bad.  I am thrilled by making the ordinary, extraordinary. 

How to join the Sparkler Affect?

1. Buy sparklers.  

Any sparkler.  Cheap, expensive, little or large.  

2. Use them.

When you come across a moment, person, decision, day that deserves a pause. 

3. Post your story.

Find The Sparkler Affect on Instagram @thesparkleraffect and use #thesparkleraffect to spread the sparkle.  Outstanding #sparklemoments will be reposted.

4. Spread the sparkle.

Take the intention of the sparkle affect into the everyday by giving yourself and others permission to feel the moments.  Honour each other in grief, celebration, confusion, love, adventure and grace with a sparkler in hand.  Pass a sparkler moment to others and watch what happens when we let the sparks fly from our hands into the world around us.


The Five Main Sparkler Moments

1) Special Occasions

Weddings, Baby Showers, New Years Day, Birthday, Canada Day, 4th July etc.

2) Goals Setting / Reaching

Setting intentions/goals/visions and reaching those intentions/goals/visions.

3) Friends, Family, Your Person

A day, or moment spent with family / friends or person, a special exchange between spirits.

4) Transition/Change

 Break-up, Graduation, School End, Move, end of season, month, day, etc...  

5) Personal 

A ceremonial moment with yourself.  Only you know what this is.

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