Creating a Lifestyle that Fits


Social media has created a wonderful and yet dizzying concept of what it means to be 'living'.  What it means to have a 'lifestyle'.  Scroll through some images, read some blogs and there we can define ourselves by the 'living' of others.  Yet, it may never truly be your own lifestyle.  Because you didn't own it.

Lifestyle is 'how we do our everyday'.  

The practice of owning and defining our lifestyle is life altering.  The process not only creates a vision for where we want to be, but gives us a very defined outline of how to live our day to day.  Days lead to weeks, weeks lead to months and months lead to years.  

So how do we figure it all out?  

1) What's your personality pace?

Are you motivated by a busy schedule?  High stakes, high rewards?  Are you drained by crowds and being rushed?  Do you desire synchronicity in work, relationships and play?  Do you wish others would slow down or speed up with you?

2) Where do you see yourself?  

City, country, lake, ocean, mountains, fields, weekend, weekdays, cafés, malls, etc?

3)  Identify Wellness.

Mental, Physical, Emotional, Relational, Financial.  Identify one thing in each that you desire.

4) A daily gift to yourself.

What is one small thing that you can promise yourself you will do that will make you happy? 

5) Pick three words.

What are three separate words that describe your desired lifestyle?


If you review these five mindful questions you will be led to defining a lifestyle that fits you.

Insert Your answers.


I am a (describe personality)  _______________ , who wants to be in/at (insert location) ____________ on the weekdays and in/at (insert location) ___________ on the weekends.  I routinely need to have (mental requirement), _______ , (physical requirement)__________ , (emotional requirement)_________ , (relational requirement)___________, (Financial requirement) and (any other form of wellness) ___________.  I will daily (daily gift) ________ to feed my spirit and ultimately I will keep ______, ______, ______ in mind as I go about my day.



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