The Creatives Meet Up | Winter 2016


Back to basics was what resonated at this meet-up.  We came back to the core women who have built this group and we welcomed back one of us who spend months away in Europe studying and working.

The past year was a growing one for all of us in many different ways.  In some respects, we have more questions than before.  In other ways we know better.  We have discovered that our questions are okay and that when we answer one set of questions sooner rather than later we will be faced with more and the journey will continue.

We coloured, caught up and Skyped with Jasmine Alexander who is currently teaching in Korea and finding a niche for herself until the end of this year.  One of our fabulous ladies brought a grouping of inspirational / motivational cards and we all picked one.  (The fortune cookie lover in me looooooved this)  I received 'Openness' which only emphasized my intentions and goals for this beautiful group.  I desire a safe and open place for anyone to come to and be blessed by the atmosphere of creativity and growth. 

Our Meet Ups are going Seasonal now.  

Monthly meet ups had it's time and place and now I sense a shift.  Shifts are always a good thing when we move with them.


I hope to see these meet ups find a place in 2016 that is deep, rich, intentional and connective.  I started the Meet Ups to be surrounded by 'makers' , now I continue these meet-ups for depth and growth. 

And what better time to pursue growth then the Spring?

Which is right around the corner...