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"...not everyone is as motivated as you."  This has been said to me on more than one occasion, and every time it surprises me.  'Me? Motivated?  I guess.  I guess I am.  Yeah... sure.  I can't sit still for long, so it must be true.  I am motivated.'

Ladies & Gentleman, 

I am a fraud.  

I am not motivated in the slightest. 

Not the real me.  Not the me inside.  The me inside is a powerhouse at eating chocolate, binge watching seasons of television shows, and watching Ladies of London so my own life seems much less dramatic.  Yes... I am not motivated in the slightest. 

Yet there is a little nugget of truth that I keep inside for the days the chocolate chip bag is getting emptier and emptier.  On the days I feel less and less inclined to get up and breathe fresh air. 

The end result is greater if I (insert responsibility, work, chore, activity, hobby) than if I sit here longer.  

The end result is greater than...  Every time.

Last night I texted this to a good friend:

"On the topic of not being motivated:  this is me texting three minutes before dance class, before I walk in the door, wishing I was anywhere but here and that it was cancelled or something...because I'd rather be eating popcorn watching fuller house...Yet...The end result of this class is worth has to be.  I love to dance...& yet, every day life drains me into less of myself until I am groaning about something I want to do."

In that moment, I knew that by texting this to her I would be dispelling my need to turn around and do what apathy wanted me to do.

I know who I am when I am apathetic.  She is not a version of myself I ever want to live with on purpose again so anytime I feel that apathy I reach for motivation as if it's my only lifeline. 


How I am Staying Motivated

1) Creating pockets in my days for my latest obsessions. 

Keeping certain times of the day for me to browse Pinterest, have a sweet treat, watch a new episode of my favourite show keeps me balanced in knowing that it will happen.  I will have that time to myself for my favourite (sometimes mindless) things.  I do not have to be ruled by them.

2) Doing one thing at one time.

Multi-tasking is a double edged sword.  Baking and listening to music is one thing, but watching a tv show, scrolling through Facebook and texting a friend at the same time is one way to loose the whole point of all three. When I mindfully choose a task and do it whole heartedly I enjoy it more and I am more likely to be satisfied by the time I am done.

3) Focusing on the end result.

With any task the end result is what matters.  What kept me motivated to loose the baby weight after birth was not the current moment.  If I was judging life by the current moment, I wouldn't have moved an inch from bed.  I remembered what it felt like to move with ease and dance with abandon and that was what I wanted to do again.  No biscuit, piece of cake or brownie was worth compromising me feeling strong again.  

4) Having a morning & night routine that centres me with anything that happened in-between.

A lot can happen in a day.  We can create soothing habits and promises to ourselves by bookending our days with certainty.

5) Identifying and staying accountable to those who will enoucrage and support my current lifestyle and goals.

Know who has your back in each different aspect of your life.
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