The Creatives | An Invitation


The Creatives is a gathering started in 2013 during a time I needed to be surrounded by other like-minded women.

What is a Creative?

Anyone who finds themselves in the process of making.  

Anyone who strives to take their inspirations and ideas into a new and unique form.  Be it on paper, in a song, or paired with wine...possibilities are endless.

What Happens at The Creatives Meet Ups?

You will find women who make a living with their creativity alongside women who love to colour, alongside women who are searching for a better avenue for their self expression.  

You will find a table that starts out small with its offerings of food, wine and conversation and grows in delicious treats, tinkling glasses and conversation that inspires as the night wears on.  

You will find that our atmosphere is kept safe, inviting and welcoming to anyone.

I am Hesitant

We know that there is a process of coming to The Creatives.  

Hesitations worth being debunked:

  1. I will be judged for being too much/too little of a creative person.
  2. I will have to share with others before I am ready.
  3. I will have to have it all together.
  4. I will have to know what I am talking about.
  5. I will have to come and stay the whole night.

The above is from our fellow friend 'Fear' speaking.

Why Should I Come?

The Creatives is here to create a flowing atmosphere for any woman who wants to partake in an evening of delicious food, intelligent and intriguing conversation while colouring, making or simply listening alongside each other.  

The Creatives is here to be a welcoming community and take in the journey that each of us are individually in at any given time,

And maybe, just maybe, you will leave as inspired as I am.