Jot Notes | April '16


1. Pitch Perfect Two for the laughs I needed.

2. Gilmore Girls Gossip ... Immensely loving all the hype that goes with this new revival.

3.  Zoli Sippy Cup is a new toddlers dream...and this mothers.  

4. Swing life.

5. How this White Wine meets Spring.

6. Letting Lava Cake from The Middle Spoon melt in my mouth...

7. Attempting balance in all things... Some say it's impossible, I think it's necessary for me.

8. Touch Think Learn books for the wee learner

9. This Episode of Coffee & Crumbs which made my new mama heart soar. 

10. Les Miserables Finale which I will have finished singing by the time this post is up...Do You Hear the People Sing?