Jot Notes | June '16


In the least amount of words for you...


  1. For the listening needs: TGIT on Spotify
  2. To fall into an ocean of alluring narrative that maintains class and authenticity, this book.
  3. She does Wedding Photography & as a friend keeps my head shots updated.
  4. Beginning Gretchen Rubins "Better Than Before" as a Summer Study.
  5. We reconnected here...our place of family refuge.
  6. Work Wednesdays made possible by His month away & time in lieu.  
  7. Announcing The Mom Show (or the most boring show ever) debuting in the Atlantic Fringe Festival September 1 - 11th
  8. This fuzzy mat from Winners for my feet while I write.
  9. Wearing this halter romper from The Gap at discount.  
  10. This song 'Be Enthroned' sung by Hunter Thompson, for getting grounded in the Spirit