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Jot Notes | November '16
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In the least amount of words for you...

  1. This stunning season of masterpiece character development & cinamatography.
  2. This powerhouse woman on the 'Election'.
  3. This sweater...for the chill.
  4. This cream.  Because it's lovely to look at.
  5. Embarrassed & Admittedly, this reality TV Show season 33.  For the generational topics.
  6. Moments dancing with her.
  7. Her early return.  For the depth.
  8. This new shade.
  9. Warm visits in this home.
  10. Back in this town
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Jot Notes | October '16
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In the least amount of words for you:

  1. This show for all it's cinematography and character development goodness.
  2. This chair for reading.
  3. This book for the cover as much as the story.
  4. Jennifer Lawrence in this film.  Because J-Law.
  5. Finding 'The Dunwells'.  Especially this song.
  6. The Gaps random sales for these skinnies.
  7. Seeing this capsule all bundled.
  8. This accurate personality test.
  9. Being Interviewed on this podcast. 100 ep.
  10. Watching these two get married.
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Jot Notes | July '16

1.  For intention setting on the weekend : lighting this candle

2. To eat, to dine, to be inspired by the ambience...This place.

3. For learning and getting inspired on habit life: This book.

4. This movie ... because of the story and actors.

5. This little doll for her... it has a belly button too.

6. For soaking in truth words...This spontaneous song.

7. Our little promo vid...because it makes me laugh.

8. This beautiful book for the style inspiration in real terms. 

9. Her words on parenting & family...especially this. 

10. This wildlife moment.

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Jot Notes | June '16

In the least amount of words for you...


  1. For the listening needs: TGIT on Spotify
  2. To fall into an ocean of alluring narrative that maintains class and authenticity, this book.
  3. She does Wedding Photography & as a friend keeps my head shots updated.
  4. Beginning Gretchen Rubins "Better Than Before" as a Summer Study.
  5. We reconnected here...our place of family refuge.
  6. Work Wednesdays made possible by His month away & time in lieu.  
  7. Announcing The Mom Show (or the most boring show ever) debuting in the Atlantic Fringe Festival September 1 - 11th
  8. This fuzzy mat from Winners for my feet while I write.
  9. Wearing this halter romper from The Gap at discount.  
  10. This song 'Be Enthroned' sung by Hunter Thompson, for getting grounded in the Spirit 
Jot Notes | May '16

1. Milestone Cards, for documenting the moments. 

2.  Zoës first birthday party... Happy tears to see her growth.

3.  Receiving a Waffle Maker for Mothers Day.

4.  Celebrating 27 with girls at White Point Beach resort.

5.  ALL of Greys Anatomy Season 12, but especially those last episodes.

6. These fun play groceries.

7. Korean Facial masks mailed straight from Jasmine Alexander 

8. Colouring books... cause it's not just a's a way of life. 

9. Bullet Journaling experimenting.

10. Reruns of Ladies of London... because everyone needs a reality fluffy TV show to zone out with. 

Jot Notes | April '16

1. Pitch Perfect Two for the laughs I needed.

2. Gilmore Girls Gossip ... Immensely loving all the hype that goes with this new revival.

3.  Zoli Sippy Cup is a new toddlers dream...and this mothers.  

4. Swing life.

5. How this White Wine meets Spring.

6. Letting Lava Cake from The Middle Spoon melt in my mouth...

7. Attempting balance in all things... Some say it's impossible, I think it's necessary for me.

8. Touch Think Learn books for the wee learner

9. This Episode of Coffee & Crumbs which made my new mama heart soar. 

10. Les Miserables Finale which I will have finished singing by the time this post is up...Do You Hear the People Sing?

Jot Notes | March '16

To summarize the highlights of this month in the least amount of words.

1. The incredible filmography, production, story and altogether moving piece of "Twinsters", easily found on nextflix. 

2.  This song in rehearsal: "Stars". 

3. Vegas Volt on my lips...

4. Videos of this woman for days....

5. Reading Night Film is oddly interesting.

6. These words heal me.

7. Trying this day planner / journal concept

8. This TV Shows debut of it's updated look, from revengeful to playful.

9. Nights shared with this sister

10. All the Spring Planning

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Jot Notes | February '16

To summarize the highlights of this month in the least amount of words.

1. Got slammed by Disney Pixars 'Inside Out'.

2. Spoiled and kept warm by these Valentines Socks.

3. Gave him / us glasses to 'cheers' with.  (We do it with everything.)

4. It's "The End of the Day" all day .... cause Les Miserables rehearsals.  

5.  Was sent the free replacement for my broken water bottle (Only broke because baby girl tipped it off the counter with cap off onto tile floor.  Glass lip contacted first....smashed.)

6. Falling in love with boyfriend jeans.

7.  Had a rise in temperature to the fog, mist and mildness of east coast spring.

8. Had Shrove Tuesday with Family.

9. Found the podcast Serial ... now I know what all the fuss is about. ADDICT! 

10.  Read Permission & Persistence from Elizabeth Gilberts Big Magic book.  It's getting real. 


What are your jot notes from February ? 

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