The Creatives Meet Up | Summer 2016

Our summer meet up happened on a beauitful humid night in downtown Halifax.  One by one each creative woman walked into the doors of 'Obladee', and the conversation flowed with ease.

Each woman present brought so much glow to the evening that I had to pause and sit in quiet awe.  The table was littered with note paper, wallets, wine glasses, charcuterie boards and dips.  The faces were bright, animated and entertaining.  Each voice so different yet, brought unity.  I thanked God, because this unity is so rarely found.  

The Creatives went from monthly to seasonally out of interest to see how that would change the groups dynamic, intentions and interactions.  What it has done is remind those who regularly attend how essential creative community amongst women can be.  It has also created a renewed  energy for the monthly meet ups.

Starting in September we will re-introduce monthly meet ups along with more topics, sharing and inspiring each other with our individual journeys and work.  Our focus this time around, will be to 'flow' with structure.  We want to grow together and leave each event inspired, encouraged and intrigued at how creativity meets with each of us individually.  


I love how when women unite to embrace creativity and flow, they create a hum of something inexplainable.  But I guess that's what unity is.  It is a harmony, that sounds more than just glorious.  It sounds like safe and adventurous.  Warm and crisp.  New and reflective... It captures everything worth capturing in one single moment.

A walk along the boardwalk to cool off by the water and some laughter in our hearts we parted ways with the Halifax Jazz Festival music in the background. 

I love my city.  I love my creative passions, and I love these women.