Good Morning Monday | 07/18/16

It's hard to wake my eyes when I know a busy week is ahead with decisions to be made, emails to answer and ultimately, fear to be faced.

Facing fear seems so cinematically dramatic.  Yet, it's true.  It's not gangster rap rolled up into a fight scene.  What it is, is that simple circumstance that has itself wrapped up in a simple, yet complex knot.  

I look at the decision I am about to make and I know I am going to make it to better myself, my work and to truly challenge the safety net that I have created.

What separates the fearful from the brave is that knowledge that being 'Bilbo Baggins' isn't working anymore, and it's time to 'go on an adventure'.


I do the everyday dailys like a boss.  Truly, I've got this wellness thing down, but what I will never have down is that push. I always do it with my eyes closed and hands in front of me thinking

"WHAT THE **** AM I DOING?"  I am thinking this now, but it's for the best.  It's for the good.

It's for the growth.

*clinking coffee mugs*