Autumn 2016


3:32pm | Water Bottle half empty | Quiet, but for the fan

Autumn wreath, blanket and candle out.  Wardrobe capsule set in drawers.  Lists made and dates written down.  

A new season with new work.

One doesn't sit down to work without the intention.  Conscious or unconscious.  Intentions follow us like shadows.  That is why at age twenty "Amy: With Intentions" was born: a little personal blog for the little intentions of a little spirit.   That blog has since been retired, but the meaning behind it remains tucked inside a pocket of my heart.

byamygrace is getting an 'intentions' overhaul.  Autumn is bringing a less is more concept to this little place on the world wide web.  I want you to love this corner, as if you were stepping into my creative room, sitting with me and having a chat.

So grab a chair, a mug full of something and enjoy the shift.

*Oh, & happy Autumn...I think it might change us.  



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