Good Morning Monday 9/26/16


10:57am | Mango Tea steaming | Downton Abbey Season 1. Ep.5 on pause

Hurriedly tracking expenses, moments, and which TV shows to follow...a 'catch-the-leaves-before-they-fall' type of hurry.

There I go again.

To honour my busy I must honour my rest.

This I type while moving the tea & episode aside, but then it's the tea and potential of an episode that speed up my inspiration. 

For the new week:

Mind:  Mindful TV episodes & Book reading as a routine enjoyment.  Avoid Binging. 

Body: Avoid food FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).  For there is always more chocolate.

Soul: Allow for a few minutes of 'morning journal' reflection.

Sip the tea, enjoy the meals as they are & let creativity do it's work in us.