Thursdays Write Night 07/14/16


Show up.  Tea.  Cupcake.  Music.  Do the thing.  Tabs open.  Mind ready...

There comes a point in a womans life (anyones life really), when she knows that she is too comfortable. When she realizes she hasn't grown or changed much.  That somewhere, somehow, she has to find a reason to get up and do something that scares the life back into her.

(Here is my soap box.  Here is where I tell you the relentless truth)

Don't wait for the motivation. It won't be there. It's never there, because everything wants to keep you standing/sitting exactly where you are.




You are worthy of doing what it takes for yourself to feel scared into life again. To get to that point where you know if you don't move you will truly disintegrate.




Observe what happens when you dare to grow.

Amy LaiComment