2017 | A New Year


Wrapping up 2016 was a type of aching surrender.  A type of allowing ones spirit to fall into what life was bringing together.  Maybe it is the writer within me, the type of ways in which I see these life moments happening, or maybe, it's the way Gods spirit moves within me.  

I have been drowning in the ocean trying to maintain my heart this past season.  Often aching for the right time, words and authenticity just out of reach.  

Craving intimacy in people.  Aching over thoughtlessness.  Doubting the depth of projects.  

Loving deeply the child.  Cherishing the celebrations.  Surprised by the creativity.

A new year to live and there is a burning thrill to be gaining new ground and discovering new parts of myself.  Claiming my right and talents as a writer and performer.  Curating work and discoveries without shame. 

Letting go of the expectation to be understood and allowing my faith in Grace to carry me into the wilderness of creative living. 


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