2017 | Winter

Winter Reflections - Amy Grace

Winter Reflections - Amy Grace

In order for me to truly reflect, I have to set the stage.  The artistry of setting the atmosphere is half the process.  Don the attire, light the candle, crack open the new journal, play the music and surround myself with any tokens of meaning and symbolism.  

The stage has been set, the character (me) has arrived on mark and it's time to begin.

2016 I learned

  • I can set in motion anything worthy of doing
  • I love sharing work based off of real and relevant topics
  • I crave likeminded individuals 
  • I enjoy quality in food, clothes & media
  • I am a natural at what I do

2017 I desire to

  • Have a work practice that truly reflects my goals/visions
  • Carefully curate lifestyle choices to reflect who I am
  • Develop work relationships via sharing, collaborating and supporting
  • Take myself out of my own box.  
  • Claim my place as a creator, writer and woman

It seems I have been battling fear from the start and although those roots have been dug out, there are always remnants to weed out.  More and more I get that feeling I was made to be a bit of a fighter.  The timid girl who keeps getting pushed into fights she never wanted, and yet realizes it's the only way she'll get the chaos in order. 

This is my year to claim it.



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