LIFESTYLE | The Weekend Brunch


There is nothing like a weekend brunch with good friends or family. 

It's the quality time, the exhale, the sip of coffee while the sun comes in the windows.

Over the years I have learned that a brunch is an opportunity to connect on a different level.  It's the beginning of the day and our minds are in a different place than if it was evening.  One of us was going to work, little Z would eventually have a nap and I was definitely whirring with week planning and weekend chores.  

It's that soft music playing in the background, that showing off of toys as the 'little' proudly and sneakily makes a tower.  It's that reflection on our favourite TV Shows and hints at our dreams.

I'll forever be sliding these moments into our lives because I love them.  I love seeing beautiful moments happen amidst the weekly grind.

The Weekend Brunch is a beautiful thing.