LIFESTYLE | Family Adventures - Shubenacadie Provincial Wildlife Park

Once you get to 'Two Years Old', experiences become not just a moment in time, but a tangible experience that you get to turn over and over again.  Like a smooth rock in your hand, you let the experience rest inside you.  Pondering its shape, texture, edges and feelings.  

This is what thrills me about the new stage we are in.  We get to curate, cultivate and choose moments for each other.  

We've created little moments as we go and now we are getting into new things.

This time:

Our provincial wildlife park.  A place to celebrate local and national wildlife while supporting the rehibiltation of those injured, and in the some cases, give them a perminate home after being badly injured.  While many of these animals have been born into captivity from zoological institutions around North America, what we love about this park is how it enforces to the public that these are animals we are to learn about, respect, rehabilitate and give the appropriate habitats to.  

Introducing Zoë  to and reminding ourselves, how important our wildlife is, the responsibility that we have to conserve their habitats, their safety and their future is a beautiful experience and one we want to continue exploring.   

This was a fun way to spend our Victoria Day and one we'll be revisiting as we grow.

*Special moments: 
Seeing a Canadian Goose all wrapped up.  Maybe warming a nest or just sleeping.  Either way, just as majestic as if it was flying.
Zoës reaction to the Arctic Wolves.  Pure enthralment.