LIFESTYLE | Minimal Living

Gallery wall in living room.

Gallery wall in living room.

We used starting a family as a catalyst into analyzing our own excessiveness.  As we have progressed over the past two years we have found that a few things for us will always remain true.


We value quality over quantity in every aspect of our lives.

We often regret impulse buys or decisions.   We've never regretted taking our time.

We value fresh air, good food, in-depth story telling, a spacious atmosphere and quality time with those we love.


When we focus more on our values and less on what we can show off of our lives, we have realized that we are able to truly be enjoying and at peace with the lives we lead. 

Your values and life goals may be different than ours and that is okay.   Honouring those values and goals is a sure way to find direction, peace and insight into the life that will bring you stability.  


*Other lifestyle priorities - capsule wardrobes, buying local, reading books, family time, healthy eating, walking and bed time routines.