LIFESTYLE | A Decade of Togetherness

Wedding Photography by  Nicole Payzant Photography

Wedding Photography by Nicole Payzant Photography

We can't prepare for life and what it is going to bring.  

If you would have told us ten years ago on our first date that we would have a little loft home off the water in Bedford, a two year old, a passion for making food, watching films and living minimally, we would have not known what to think.  If you would have told us that we would fall into a deep despair only a year into marriage, spend another year working ourselves out of that darkness, that we would get 're-married' and end up struggling with long distance during the first year of our daughters life, we would have hardly been able to understand what that meant for us.

What did it mean?

Our ten years means that we have watched each other, from age eighteen to age twenty-eight, evolve.  

We have decided that it's better to support our change, interests and differences than not enter into them.  We have learned that when we align ourselves with each others desires and dreams, we end up aligning ourselves with a unified vision for our lives that is different from before.

We weren't always minimalists, we didn't always eat well balanced meals and we didn't always share in our love for creativity.  We didn't always shower together every night, discussing our random thoughts and ideas before bed and we weren't always aligned with our lifestyle goals.

What does this leave us with?


Do the work of getting on the same page together.  Find the passions that are shared and make a habit out of it.  Surround yourself with people who get you both individually and as a unit.  Cut off anything/anyone that doesn't support you individually and as a unit.  Use each other for the strengths.  Be okay saying no to people who compromise what you both need.  Find your lifestyle theme together and as separate people.  Make a daily habit that connects you.  Above all, pass Grace to each other because that is the anchor in any storm.  
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