UPDATE | The Draft Process


Being in the throws of writing drafts of work can be dull, dreary and completely draining. 

Truthfully, I don't have time for dull, dreary or draining anymore so I knew that somehow I had to find some gold in the draft making process.  


Here is the Gold I have found thus far:

A collaborator who wants to come alongside the work, share in the creative process and challenge the work to become what it needs to be.

I should have realized this years ago, but it is always a tad scary to share an idea / concept you are beginning to work on for fear the sparkle will be shot down.  Any creative person knows that an inspiration can be completely dissamated within it's infancy purely out of lack of protection from the wrong influences.  The right influence however, can truly bloom the work and become a collaborative process that drives you and the work forward.

An absolute planned and allotted 'I-mean-buisness-and-this-is-happening-now' session for writing/editing.  

I often find, that logistical edits are best made in the morning with coffee, creative edits/changes/nueances are made best in the evening with candle and wine, while scrolling through edits and notes are best made whenever the time presents itself and however you are wherever you are.

Setting the tone and wooing myself to the work.  

Lighting a candle, pouring a beverage, playing music that fits the tone of the work, dressing to mean business, tidying the work space...all of it, brings an air of mystery into the process.  A 'who knows what will happen here, but it is going to be epic' atmosphere.

When I step away, step away.  

Truly enjoy the break of thinking when the work is not in front of me.  Do other things amidst it all and allow the time of meeting the work to be like meeting with a lover after a long day.