Inhale.  Exhale.

There is beauty in the breathing.  In the being still and letting the heart do it's work.  

Hearts.  We all beat and ache.  To live is to feel and to feel is to live.  

I have often found that when I listen to my heart beating, I want to be in the open air.  I want to feel the wind.  And wind is like stringed instruments that match our beats.  Calling us into something deeper.  

In the past, when my heart ached in ways I couldn't fathom, I would drive to the ocean.  
I would scream the guttural depths of myself into the air.  I would lose my breath.  

And now, as the aches come and go, I find I am left wanting to whisper.  
The heavens can hear our ache before it has been uttered.  

I trust that as we breathe that the Heart will do it's work.  
I'll trust we'll thrive.

Inhale.  Exhale.