LIFESTYLE | Lagom Lifestyle


This Summer I have been slowly working through this book and enjoying the beautiful aspects of what it means to live a 'Lagom' life.  Being a minimalist at heart and desiring a balanced life makes me more than open to this concept of "Not too little, not too much".

What I have learned so far:

Limit Work

In Sweden and other nordic countries working yourself to the ground is not something to be proud of.  You show up to work on time and you leave work when your work hours are over or leave early to pick up your children.  You put your full energy into your work when you are there and maintain attention and productivity but it is seen as a concerning and unhealthy habit to be working past your allotted work hours. 

Enjoy food!

There is no shame in having a 'Fika' moment as they call it: Coffee & a sweet with a friend (usually a cinnamon bun or other pastry).  Food is seen as a way to connect with others and nourish your body.  Diet is not restricted but is mindfully assessed and they especially enjoy taking advantage of what food is in season.

Move with Mindfulness

Movement and exercise is worked into their lifestyle.  Big on bicycles and early morning dips (morgondopp) the Sweden lifestyle is no stranger to cold weather.  They don't let that stop them from enjoying every season and reasons to get out there.   I use their joy for movement by finding every excuse to walk to the errands / places I need to be.  I may not be big on cycling myself or going out of my way to have a 'morgondopp' but I can start the day with yoga and stay mindful of what my day has to offer in various aspect of movement and adjust accordingly.

Embrace each season

As a Nova Scotian I find a kinship with the Swedish / Nordic lifestyle.  We have short Summers and long winters.  (or at least, it can seem that way) Looking at life through their eyes makes you realize how much more we can enjoy and find useful in each month of the year and how snow, cold temperatures doesn't have to stop us from enjoying both in and out of doors.