LIFESTYLE | March 2019 Reads


Dragonfly in Amber | Diana Gabaldon

The second book in the Outlander Series, albeit not as riveting as book 1 , but just as engaging and beautifully written as the first.  I think this book serves the necessary purpose of moving the life & plot forward with a touch of French flair. King Louis XIV anyone?

Attachments | Rainbow Rowell

Set in 1999 when office email was in full throttle and being read by someone paid to make sure empoyees were using their time wisely and professionally. I am only in the beginning of this book as I write it, but it’s already giving me nostalgia for that ‘old school’ excitement when you’d get an email from a friend.

Silent Flowers | A Collection of Haiku Poems

Little poems about nature and the varying seasons in a year. This little book re-introduced me to mindfulness and what it means to mull over words.

The Royal Runaway | Lindsay Emory

A light chick novel with a bit of nonsensical diversion. I don’t buy into the story persae but I do love the ease in which I can get into the story and keep flipping pages.

Television Series Currently On the Go of Note:

Outlander S02/S03 : Following along as I read. It is important to be said that in no way can the television series make up for every single scene in these hefty books. One season per 800 some odd page book means they are having to leave a lot on the cutting room floor and add bridges in the plot for the viewers to scale over. If you think they are rushing through the plot at times, it’s because there is SO MUCH of it! It would take years to fully shoot all of these scenes and characters.
Survivor : Edge of Extinction : We are nerds over here. I leave it there.
The Good Doctor : Something in this medical show is palatable and unique. I still can’t put my finger on it.