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Peanut Butter & Banana Toast (literally, just PB & B.)

Peanut Butter & Banana Toast (literally, just PB & B.)

This Spring I have challenged myself to have different breakfasts on the daily.

This means I get seven days to have a different breakfast and then on the first day of the week I refresh and start again.


I was in the habit of rotating breakfasts between berry / fruit smoothies & oatmeal, Monday through to Friday. Not only was it becoming predictable and boring but it was limiting my morning diet routine.

What I have loved so far:


Ricotta Toast

Simply add Ricotta cheese, sliced bananas and mix up a bit of Tahini, Cinnamon and honey to make the drizzle.

Typical Scrambled eggs Breakfast.

Typical Scrambled eggs Breakfast.

O.G. Breakfast

Scrambled eggs, a bit of avocado & cherry tomatoes on the side with a slice of bread (English muffin) with peanut butter. Can’t go wrong. Protein, healthy fat and a bit of fruit.

House Waffles.  ;)

House Waffles. ;)

Home Made Waffles

For a Saturday or Sunday morning, indulge in the waffles. We have a reputation for our waffle breakfasts over here, but have been out of the habit due to house work / renovations. With our kitchen being ripped up soon, we’ll probably have to ‘table’ them again until further notice, but we do love em’.

The Work Morning Croissant

Don’t let your early work mornings get you down.
Find a way to indulge and re-charge with a croissant.
This one was a Prosciutto & Provolone & it was everything.
It was 8am and I caught up on emails, social media and my own thoughts before heading to a shoot.