LIFESTYLE | July 2019 Reads


July Reads…

City of Girls | Elizabeth Gilbert

The latest from Elizabeth Gilbert & I am treasuring this read and so glad I could use a birthday gift to purchase it. Thus far City of Girls has proven to be a beautiful, magical and majestic description of what it means to be a woman with eyes wide with wonder and an endless horizon before you. Elizabeth proves each time she writes, that her writing is capable of meeting the story where it is at and I always feel as if I am meeting a new side of her with each new book.

The Summer Wives | Beatriz Williams

To be started when we go on a road trip, The Summer wives is apparently a dishy fiction about a woman who finds herself amount the elite of society in the summer of the 1951. I have a soft spot for reading a bit of frivolous throw backs where you can indulge the romanticism of ‘class’ and society.

Summer | Melissa Harrison

One anthology of a set of 4 (for the four seasons) I am allowing this book to equip me with literary snippets about the season of summer. A bit of poetry, essay and observations mixed into one small but full book.

A Place Called Perfect | Helena Duggan

Always eager to take in a few ‘new to me’ middle grade reads within the year. Part for the interest of knowing what’s out there for my up and coming little reader, and partly because I find comfort in reading books geared to the middle grade. They are neither boring, nor overly complex. They assume the reader desires to be engaged while also not boring you with 'trying to be a literary genius’ on page.

A Place Called Perfect has given a bit of ‘perspective’ on what it means to see past facades and how important it is to ask questions through the story of a girl coming to a new town in which all the residents must wear a specific pair of glasses or they go blind.