LIFESTYLE | Kitchen Renovation



We began our full gutting and kitchen/Dining room renovation on May 18th.

What we did

  • Gutted the kitchen with the help of friends

  • Replaced the sub floor, insulation and dryer vent

  • patched up holes in walls, etc.

  • put proper plug covers in walls

  • Painted

  • installed IKEA cupboards & island (no easy feat with a 50 year old curved walls)

  • Installed dishwasher & fixed a few slight pluming weirdness (hired a trusted professional and friend)

  • Cut and Installed IKEA countertops (Birch)

  • Cut Hole and installed drop in Sink

  • Installed Faucet

What we have left to do

  • Finish installing hardware

  • Put in flooring

  • Install trim

  • Install kick boards around the cupboards and island.

I am so excited for when the whole space is done but for now, having a functional kitchen is a huge step into this journey. After two months without a kitchen sink, I was more than ready for it when it went in last week.

So far we have learned through this project we are more than capable to handle big projects and we are so thankful to be able to make it happen.