LIFESTYLE | 8 Years Married 12 Years Together


Change is the one constant in our lives together.

We have learned how to grow and change together and to continue to find that theme in every passing month and year.

Every couple has there ‘loop’. The default settings of how we were raised, our personalities and genetic makeup. That being said, the longer you are together you have two choices. You either submit to the loop and allow it to control you, or you work to stay aware of the loop and allow it to inform you.

Over the past year with our home renovations and many personal situations that have overtaken our lives we have been faced again with that loop and given the opportunity to talk it out and find togetherness amidst the insane world.

I have watched my partner sink deep into the responsibility of this home renovation, while putting his all into his professional career and encouraging me in my own. We have worked hard to find corners of our lives to reconnect and that is everything.

We have no idea where this next decade of our lives as individuals and as a couple are taking us (30’s-40’s) , but we both find an anchoring in our lives together and I would say, that it is the anchoring in our togetherness that allows us to flourish as individuals.

I am so intrigued by this next season of our lives.

Off we go.