LIFESTYLE | August 2019 Reads


August Reads….

Into the Water | Paula Hawkins

A very typical summer mystery read. A communities water hole has a bad reputation for being a place where suicides occur, but are these really suicides? I think this book filled my need for a summer mystery, but it didn’t deliver in any unique way. Girl on the Train, also by Paula Hawkins was a thrilling rapid read, which revealed many complex layers, where as this book felt too long for the payoff at the end.

The Lost Girls of Camp Forevermore | Kim Fu

Only part way into the beginning of this read, but I already can tell that I will love it. Something about the main character, who had a life altering experience at her childhood camp, and how she navigates through her world is riveting. I am keeping myself from reading it’s description because I am finding this book a very enjoyable luxurious read and don’t want it spoiled.

Reading People | Anne Bogel

Knowing personalities and their frameworks doesn’t need to be about labeling people, it can be about understanding people better and learning how to best communicate with them. I gave this book to both my aunt and a cousin one Christmas when I found out that Anne Bogel from ‘What Should I Read Next’ podcast had written a book on personalities. It seemed a fitting gift for the two people I enjoyed discussing books and personalities with. It’s almost comical that it has taken me this long to read myself. Already loving it!

TV Shows / Films of Note:

Big Little Lies S02 - for the beautiful cinematography, incredible character development and acting. FYI: music in this series is always luscious.

The Handmaids Tale S03 - for the interesting reflection on society, women and how dangerous extremism is…& that 80’s soundtrack, let’s be real.

Mama Mia Here We Go Again - for the summer vibes and singing.