LIFESTYLE | Summer 2019 Favourite Things


This summer flew by fast for me. It didn’t feel as if I had enough time to truly enjoy the weeks of warmth, but I was able to find a few favourite things…

Strapless Romper

Aerie has become a place I reference when I am looking for something cozy and within my style. Finding this romper has been the staple of my first summer as an official ‘thirty something’. I adore it. It makes me feel completely comfortable, while also feeling very 100% me.

Anne of Green Gables 1985 Series

This Television Movie Series has been with me my whole life. I don’t remember when I first watched it and I don’t remember it ever not being in my life. I remember that my mother had it recorded on two VHS tapes. They were stored in her vanity drawers. Sacred tapes that weren’t out in the “kids” ‘free for all’ cupboard downstairs. At first, I remember it was something she brought out in the summer time and as the years passed I remember being able to sneak into her room and pop it in whenever inspired. This is a timeless adaption and I love coming back to it over the years.

Champagne Toast Candle

A simple single wick candle from Bath and Body Works. I love the name & the simple sweet scent.

French Affair Essie Nail Polish

Pink is a hard colour to fall in love with for me. It’s a colour of my youth and yet I am learning to find which shades of pink can follow into my adulthood. This is one of those colours. It’s electric, sexy and so much fun to wear.

Photo Album #2

Completing our second family album wasn’t easy during such a busy season, but I did. & so glad that Zoë can flip through our memories.

Summer Anthology

I have a thing for seasons and this collection has a way of bringing the words and the atmosphere of the season together.

With A Twist Kate Spade Dish Towel

Nothing says Summer more than this.

IKEA Glass Food Storage Containers with Bamboo Lids

Adoring IKEA’s glass jars with bamboo lids for the ‘finally’ renovated kitchen.

Glass White Pen

A bit addictive to write on all the jars in our kitchen.