LIFESTYLE | Autumn 2019


& here we are.

Walking into the leaves of autumn. The night air is decidedly more crisp and the sun is slower to rise. Autumn was never my favourite but I am learning that I may like it more and more with each year that passes. There is something promising and comforting about it. The warm blankets, lit candles, baking in the oven and coffee that warms not just your stomach but your hands. A sense of renewal in the shedding of things.


This Autumn I am seeking to honour and encourage a new and steady routine. We had to put a lot on the back burner during the spring and summer to accomplish our necessary renovation and although I could remind myself it was all for a good reason, it was hard not to see the weekends and evenings waste away from us and the missed time spending with our friends, family and each other. We will embrace the Autumn weather and go for walks and I will continue tidying our house from our huge overhaul. Letting go of what isn’t for us anymore and finding a new way to connect with each other and those we love.


The Spotlight Series is going back into the studio to film women. Through Brilliansea we are aiming to continue our project by mindfully curating the women we bring in. We want our project to display diverse and unique backgrounds in both life and experience. I am continuing to learn my place on the board of women in film and television and have given myself grace to learn how the association works before taking on too much. This season I am going to be pushing myself to grow and experiment behind the scenes of my work in both development and production areas. I am sensing that my season of carefully taking in and curating has been teaching and showing me where I can expand and accomplish new elements of my craft that will empower and equip me to create quality work.

& with that I step onto the fallen leaves with a bit of refreshed purpose and mind.