All Kinds of Sold Out

You can do anything.  That is a true statement.  Limits are not enforcable against the human spirit and heart.  You can take on the world.  You can move others with your passion, dedication and work.  

And then,

You can sell out.

I am not talking about that kind of 'I said I would do this, but now I am not.'  

I am pointing my gaze at the:

"I can do it all, maintain it all and be all" mentality.

It's in all of us today.  That 'wake up, roll out of bed, overcommitted, yeah, I do it all' type living.

I am calling BS. on that.  Yeah, yeah, harsh words.  Get over it.

It's the type of selling out your life that when I walk down the street and see a 'SOLD' sign on your property and you say "It's still for sale, come on in and sit for awhile...heck, why don't you purchase a piece of this land?" And I am thinking "Seriously?  You are trying to sell me an already sold house?"

Thats what we are....

We are walking sold properties to the things we have already committed to and somehow we want to do more.

The worst part is, you can tell someone "I am in over my head, I have to focus on other things right now."  But everyone is so sold out themselves they couldn't see a sold out person even if they were worn out, drained in front of them.  "We are all over our heads."  Comes the response and they wring us out for more.  But we are dry and we suffer.

There is this collection of 'things' that we like to boast of.  

I do this.

I bought this.

I go here.

I go there.

I attended this.

I support that.

We are so many kinds of SOLD OUT, that we have no idea that:

We do this rushed.

We bought this why even?

We go there late.

We go here stressed.

We attend this flippantly.

We support this selfishly.

It's not that we want to be like this, but thats what happens to us when we are sold out.  We can't see that our motives, our energy, our dedication is off.  We can't see that our hearts are slightly bent towards the 'performance' and just a titch away from 'whole hearted'.  It's hard to notice when you have a tendency to walk slightly to the left, but then all of a sudden if someone or yourself doesn't correct it?

You'll be in the ditch.

In the ditch with a sign on your back that says "I am all kinds of Sold Out and I don't know how it happened."

We don't want to be Sold Out for any reason.  We want to buy in, and be there.  We want to know our limits and know how much we can handle giving out before we crash.  For you it may be less, for another more.  

There needs to be a respect level for those who need to stop selling out.  A need to respect the desire to be balanced in this 'phone on twenty-four-hours' world.

It's time for us to set our boundaries for healthy balanced living and stop rushing as if "we" are gods.  Enjoy those quiet nights in.  Permit ourselves to say no to 'another event'.  We can't run on the steam of 'good intentions', because 'good intentions' so often turn into 'look at everything I am doing.'  And that's just toxic.  It's air that will crush growth and stop the flow of anything good.

If we're 'all kinds of sold out' then it's time we take those signs in our front yards seriously.

We arn't gods, so we shouldn't act like we are. 


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